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JTC Webinar on Courts Disrupted

The Joint Technology Committee of COSCA, NACM and NCSC Presents . . . Courts Disrupted The Joint Technology Committee (JTC) has released a new Resource Bulletin titled “Courts Disrupted.” This paper takes a captivating look at today’s fast-changing world of innovation and public expectations. Recognizing courts will not remain untouched by disruptive innovation, the paper encourages embracing ra...
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Using Technology to Improve Pretrial Release Decision-Making

Evidence-based pretrial risk assessment tools are better predictors of pretrial success than money bail or professional discretion alone. Jurisdictions can implement a pretrial risk assessment tool using data collected manually from local, state and federal databases, but a pretrial risk assessment tool would ideally be automated, and integrated with existing systems that house relevant data. Impl...
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Criminal Disposition Reporting and Warrant Management Webinars

April 20 and April  27 Justice practitioners rely on timely, accurate, and complete criminal history and warrant information to make informed public-­‐safety related decisions. The processes involved in managing  this information are complex and require collaboration and cooperation among local, state, tribal, and federal partners. The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) and SEARCH have ...
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2015: CITOC’s Year in Recap, Tools, Resources and Information

Webinar this Thursday, January 7, 2016, 12:00 EST; 9:00 AM PST CITOC will cover key information/projects/tools/Resources that occurred in 2015. Items included in the Webinar: -Available CITOC Research and Data -CITOC Annual Meeting-New Resource Material -CTC 2015 Recap and New Resource Material -NCSC Vendor Summit 2015: CITOC’s Year in Recap, Tools, Resources and Information ...
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Are You Making the Most of Your Court IT Projects?

Webinar: How to Make the Most Out of Court IT Projects Friday, December 11, 2015 at 1:00 PM Eastern Time This webinar is free and open to everyone. No registration is necessary. Hosted by NACM members TJ BeMent and Phil Knox with presenters from the National Center for State Courts, IJIS Institute, COSCA-NACM Joint Technology Committee, and the Court Information Technology Officers Consortium...
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EMV and Credit Card Liability: What Courts Need to Know

JTC Resource Bulletin EMV standard chip-enabled bankcards have been widely implemented in other parts of the world for more than ten years now, but US credit card issuers have been slow to adopt the technology. Countries where the technology has been implemented have seen dramatic reductions in the incidence of fraud, but the cost of implementation, coupled with the financial disincentives of  US...
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2015 Top 10 Court Websites Winners

The National Association for Court Management (NACM) presented the 2015 Top 10 Court Websites Award during its annual conference in Louisville, Kentucky, on July 16. “The awards are given each year to courts that make the best use of web technology to improve court services and access to public records... Criteria include such measures as access to public records, ease of navigation, use of mul...
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Upcoming Webinar – Developing an Electronic Court Records Disposition and Preservation Plan

The Joint Technology Committee of COSCA and NACM Presents . . . Developing an Electronic Court Records Disposition and Preservation Plan (This is a rebroadcast that was originally presented on June 24) With the transition to digital court records, the judicial branch faces increasingly complex questions regarding electronic records management policies and procedures. This interactive webi...
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